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If you love authenticity and quality, Agriturismo Palmero produces many specialties that you will enjoy. You can buy and eat them here, or you can bring them back with you, to remember your pleasant stay here when you get home. If we are out of stock or you would like our products for a special occasion or for a friend you can request to have them shipped.

We sell extra-virgin olive oil, jams, honey, eggs, and other fresh and seasonal products from the garden.

Each product is carefully crafted using traditional methods.


Agriturismo Palmero is within 27,000 square meters of farm land. The nature of the Ligurian soil, with its very steep hills that end on the coastline, has historically required the use of terraces to be able to farm. These make it impossible to use farm machinery, and most of our work is done by hand, like in the past.

To give you a 360° experience of our land, we offer to all our guests to take part in our activities. From the harvesting of olives in winter to beekeeping and honey extraction in the spring, from the fruit harvest in summer to the ”Vendemmia” – the day of grape harvesting – typically in the first part of September, you are always welcome to come visit us and take part in the traditional activities of this region.

Own production Honey

Extra-virgin olive oil with Palmero's olive

Photo Name of the product weight Price (€)
Acacia honey KG 1 KG ½ € 14.00 € 8.00
Rhododendron honey KG 1 KG ½ € 13.00 € 7.00
Mountain multiflower honey KG 1 KG ½ € 12.00 € 6.50
Dandelion honey KG 1 KG ½ € 12.00 € 6.50
Chestnut honey KG 1 KG ½ € 12.00 € 6.50
Multiflower honey KG 1 KG ½ € 11.00 € 6.00
Linden honey KG 1 KG ½ € 12.00 € 6.50
Extra-virgin olive oil L 5 L 1 L 0.75 L 0.50 € 65.00 € 14.00 € 11.00 € 9.00
Ceramic jar for oil L 0.50 € 25.00

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